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Multi Level Marketing

Planning to start an MLM business and make a strong online presence. MLM software is the right solution for any online Multi-level marketing business. Simply a concept or idea won’t make a business successful. The software with customizable features and suitable compensation plan is very important which determines the business growth.

Considering varying business trends we cater to the needs of each unique clients. The right software administers all the process involved in an MLM business like a new member recruit, sales, commission, bonus calculations, inventory management, etc. The quality services we render will give your business a new turn. From software development to delivery, our skilled team of developers considers various factors that help you get the top space among the competitors.

We value your customers

Considering your users, we make the software with unique features that are customizable. The effectiveness of software is completely visible when the user is able to utilize it effectively. Our software is fully responsive and anyone can access to your business at any time anywhere. Language and currency will never be a barrier for your users.

Features we provide

Customized Package

Complete MLM Software system is prior to any sort of customization from basic elements to advanced features as per the customer needs. Say bye to tailor-made packages and bring-in new functionalities with our core developing team.

Stand-alone Payout System

Make payment in the network easier with multiple payments our payout system through multiple methods like a stripe, digital currency, third-party gateways etc. The system is highly stable to make multi-user payments without any delays or concurrent issues.

Dedicated compensation engine

A special feature to calculate compensations based on user sales and rank achievements or else based on the requirements for various compensation plans with great ease.

Advanced rank calculation engine

Calculate ranks for each level and promote a user once the desired criteria’s or conditions achieved. Admin can set these conditions and the system automatically sends notification and user will be promoted to the next level of business model.

Compensation plan simulator

A special tool to calculate the compensations by just entering the percentage of commissions to pay and the number of members to receive. The simulator automatically calculates the commissions and is available for various compensation plans like binary, unilevel, etc.

Up-to-date security features

The package will be regularly upgraded to advanced security features to make the system shielded from all the external and internal threats. Our present security measures include instant email verification, 2FA, encrypted data (binary), etc.

Lead management system

Manage your leads easily and follow them up to become potential customers of your business. An advanced functionality, to simplify your leads as choices and contact them to keep your business growth ensured in high standards.

CRM management tool

Narrow down to a vast list of your customers and build the relationship easily. Manage present or potential customers’ interactions and collects the customer history to improve business further.

Digital currency integration

Our package supports every digital currency payment services as per the requirements. From payment side to investment end, we provide every sort of services related to cryptocurrencies.

Business Intelligent tool

BI tools let you provide with all the business data in the form of graphical or other data and with its help of it, you can simply analyze your business standing. Revenue, sales, user engagement all such necessary data is available in this tool and it let you help to explore the unexplored paths of business.

AI integrated modules

With advanced technology, AI tools are provided to give the user the best experience. With the data availability, many advanced tools are integrated into this functionality like voice bots, chatbots etc.

Digital wallet

Provides multi-digital wallets from fiat wallet to corresponding cryptocurrency wallet. Well-protected and secured wallets are developed to keep the transactions flawless.

MLM Comp plans

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Binary Plan

Maximize your business with such an advanced version and we support certain other services too. By introducing an MLM Software package, you can fill-up business slots pretty much easily. Well, there are many compensation plans available to choose and each of them does have its own propertie

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Unilevel Plan

A single-row plan that maximizes the network connection and to gain maximum benefit out of them in business terms. More the members aligned under you as downline, more the compensations you earn.

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Matrix Plan

A compensation plan with a fixed structure (m*n matrix format, where m and n have a fixed value) provides a user with specific levels of commissions. Once a level gets completed, new users will be spillover into the next level and new tree or any other specific ways can customize as per the organizational requirements.

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